Panther Lake - 8/14/06

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by PeteM, Aug 15, 2006.

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    A buddy and I hit Panther Lake yesterday for a couple of hours. I got on the water at 6. Never having been on the lake before and knowing my friend would show up in an hour and a half, I decided to kick over to the opposite and work my way back to the boat launch area along the north shoreline.

    I found a small bass along some old dock pilings. I had a couple other hits but nothing much. I finally hooked a 13" trout along the NW shoreline.

    My friend showed up on time, which is one thing important in a fishing partner. We then began to work the SW shoreline and into the deeper water. I found two more trout, one 13" and one 14" in 25' of water.

    That was all for the night. The slight wind we had finally died off 30 minutes before dark. We kept expecting a hatch of some kind to come off once that happened but nothing. We only saw 4 fish rise the whole night.

    It's a nice quiet lake though. We'll be back.


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