Paradise is burning:(

The town has run out of gas. There are a lot of people still there and stuck. They can only drive the cascade hwy through Mazama at this moment. Very scary. Prayers to my family and friends. If you make it east, please contact me. My door is open.


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And it's gotten worse! The single transmission line into the Methow Valley is out. That puts alot of wells out of commission! Homes and cabins are going up left and right. If you have friends or family in the area, please throw a prayer their way.
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We can see smoke plumes from the fires all the way down here in the Tri cities, and this evening at sunset it was apparent that smoke had drifted south, in the skies to our west. Briefly I could smell wood smoke

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We're all in smoke here but nothing like those in the Methow! Tandy just told me that Pateros has been evacuated as well. Prayers sent for all those who're suffering!


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Thought and prayers to all those affected. Figured it was getting bad when the entire Flathead valley in Montana was thick in smoke last night and the news reported it was drift from all the fires in Washington.

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Pateros is scorched. 40-50 homes lost....along with the school, post office, churches, and hardware store. My heart is heavy for the losses in that community. The only positive note so far is zero casualties.

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I just went to the Fire mapping web site. It looks like Washington and Oregon are burning up.

We up in Montana have no fires yet , but we are getting lots of smoke from the fires in Idaho.