Paradise is burning:(


Indi "Ira" Jones
I have friends in the area (one who works at the school in Pateros) and I'm waiting to hear back. Fingers crossed! I'm heading to the area on Tuesday, I'll see what I can do.


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Lets do a donation drive for Methow-Keith

Can someone get in contact with him and lets see what we need. Put the collective of our community for good
Awesome idea!

I've been texting with Keith. Q13 News set up a fund that goes straight into Keith's bank account. He and his wife slept in their car last night and the fire is still threatening his daughter and son-in-law's place so the Methow Valley is still a crisis zone. It may take a few days to sort out needs but right now, I'm gonna guess a roof over their heads and some cash to live on are high priorities. Keith works in Omak and with Hwy 20 closed, he can't even get to work to earn a pay check right now.

Anyway, if you want to donate even a little, here is the fund Q13 News' Chris Lox set up for Keith and Kim:


Indi "Ira" Jones
I just talked with my friends and they are all ok. One of my friends has a winery over there and he lost the building he housed all his winery equipment in, all his wine and all his equipment. He has several small cabins and he managed to save all of them although they do have some fire damage. He said it looks like a moon scape out there right now.

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I was over this week but returned home on Thursday. Took all my frozen and refer stuff home as I knew the power would be out a while. We watched across the valley as the fire consumed the area behind the golf course. Thursday the wind really picked up in a down valley direction and just blew the fire down toward Methow and Pateros. It was so hot over there (over 100 all week) and I could just imagine how hard this fire is to fight with the heat and wind! Those fire fighters are really earning their overtime! Everyone should go to the link Freestone provided and donate as you can to the fund for "Methow" who lost his house and just about everything else. I'm really worried about Leaf and hope his house made it! Such a tragedy in so many ways! Rick


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Just spoke to a friend in the area who said cell service (verizon) was out... tried calling Leaf but it went immediately to his voice mail. I hope he and his family are okay... prayers for everyone there.

Scott Salzer

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Trip - I was afraid of that. Let me know what they really need at this point. I will do whatever I can for them, and others.

Thanks for the info, as bad as it it...