Pass 2/18

I had almost forgot about the eagles! They were harassing us all day. That one came down super close to me while I was clowning around with my first fish.

Tim it was great to meet you out there finally! We were bummed we didn't get to fish near you more once we moved across the lake. We should all definitely meet up at Martha one of these days. I've really enjoyed fishing that lake since James introduced me to it.


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I know :cool: I could stop and pick my daughter up on the way and camp for a weekend. but she needs to work and go to school so time is an issue. But yeah, I have to get up there with you guys. I like laughing and ribbing - hooking - "N-FISHING"
Howdy, guys. I am kinda a lurker here, though have posted a few times. Not a real good lake guy. I was wondering how you fish a micro leach and what you consider a micro leach. I have some small wispy leaches..I have tried just hanging them under an indicator, but usually just end up trolling them.

Boy this time of year I start getting the itch, probably another three weeks till I hit Lone...maybe I will see some of you there....

Thanks! Greg

Lue Taylor

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Flyerman go to Phil Rowley's site for Balance Leech tied in 10,12,& 14 jig hooks or can use lead near eye ty in nylon loop to balance, just have to check that sits horizontal when finish