Pass Lake 2/2/13


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The warmer weather brought lots of folks to Pass Lake today. Among the many fishermen was myself, Rick Todd, Scott Salzer, Tim Lockheart, and Thomas (didn't get the last name). Early arrivals were already on the lake when we geared up. Soon we struck out to find our luck in the chilly water (40 degrees). By 9:00 the sun broke through and turned a foggy morning into a really nice day.

The highlight of the action was a bald eagle that wanted Scotts brown trout enough to swoop down in an attempt to take it from him. It was quite a display and I imagine quite a shock to Scott.

Fishing was slow as we expected in such chilly temps. But we managed to bring a few to hand. Sizes ranged from 9 inch dinks to nice 16 or so brutes. All fish were healthy and feisty.

Here's how the day played out...

Foggy start to the morning

Scott searching the point

Rick with a fine casting form

The infamous eagle

Lunch break of brats and brews

Mergansers looking to mate up

Scott and Rick may have some fish photos to share when they can. It was a great day to get out and spend some time on the water with good friends...can't beat that.

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Good day with good friends. That eagle parked himself in that tree as soon as I had a fish on, waited patiently. As I got the brown close to the boat, he opted for a grab, missed, but it was pretty darn close to me, and the fish. The brown was my fish of the day.

Rick, nice shot of the hoodies, one of my favorite birds.

It was a good day and I look forward to the early spring fishing.

Tim, thanks for the book signing.

On to the next adventure.



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Great pictures, and it was nice to meet you guys today, too bad we didn't interact so much. Nick Clayton and I carpooled out together, and we had a great time figuring out the puzzle that was Pass Lake today. He landed 7, all rainbows, with the largest being 18". I also caught only rainbows, two being around 18" and one around 16". Nick was using a micro-leech under an indicator and I had my success on an olive waste troll leech using an intermediate.

What a great day on the water, beautiful weather and good company to be sure. It's days like today that remind you of just why this is a great place to live.
It was nice meeting you guys at the launch this morning. Tim, I had a feeling g that was you out there. Once again our paths almost cross paths lol

James and I fished hard all day. I ended up with 7 to the boat. Lost one that was on briefly, and missed a handful of hits. All of my fish came on micro leeches and Ira's barrel bug fished just off the bottom. Had to move around a lot to find fish. Nothing too concentrated that I found.

One interesting note was that I was 50/50 landing fish between my top and bottom flies. Generally I get most fish on the bottom fly. I'm still trying to decide if there is anything specific to account for that or just happenstance.

Was a really great day to be on the water even with slower fishing. Had a blast fishing with James again. We too had an encounter with the eagle when it came down for a fish right next to us early in the morning 2013-02-02_08-31-34_680.jpg

Evan Virnoche

7 fish a slow day hahahahahah? Does anyone steelhead fish here? Nice work everyone


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Bummer I missed out. I would have made sure that you and Tim met Nick. Can you imagine if all three of us would have been on the water at the same time, that's like meeting yourself while time traveling I'm sure. Jim, I know exactly where you were when you landed that fish. Nick that barrel bug is slightly my pattern, the original color scheme came from Mark Kraniger I swapped out materials. Nice reports guys. Great pictures Roper!
Clayton how did I miss you?? Were you guys part of the bash going on at the orchard? Bummer, been trying to cross your path for months now.

Roper, nice pics and great to finally meet you (what kind of camera is that?). Had a blast hanging out w/ you, Scott and Rick...and thanks for letting me crash your BBQ! Scott vs. eagle - classic matchup :D Look forward to fishing with you guys again..
Tim, James and I fished the point early then headed to the orchard. Soon after we got there the bash got going so we scooted across to the opposite corner, fished the point again later on after the crowd thinned out, then finished up down in the corner near the ramp. When we were pulling out I told James I had a feeling that you were out there. I was in a green Fat Cat. If I had my pram I would have covered way more water and I'm sure we would have crossed paths. Dang it!


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There were a lot of different techniques producing fish today. Very interesting day on the water. One interesting thing I ran into was a decaying stick caught on an olive leech. I peeled the bark away and there were a bunch of squiggling size 16-18 watery green scuds. No wonder the fish in this lake fatten up so quick, they have all sorts of snacks.