Pass Lake Report - 9/29

I spent a few midday hours on Pass Lake on Saturday before the wind and coming rain chased me off. OK catching - nothing great, but 4 fish to hand over 3 hours and a few more LDRs. Sizes ranged from 6" (this was the first fish on about my 3rd cast - I was worried) to 15". One of the LDRs gave a VERY hard tug or two before leaving my fly behind and moving on to other things. All fish caught on a muddler minnow - and I tried both a full sink (type III) and an intermediate line with no discernable difference. I haven't been to Pass in a while, so I can't comment on how the algae conditions were compared to the previous few weeks, but very little surface film and lots and lots of little algae bits suspended in the water (does this mean it's breaking up?). No thermometer, but the water felt quite cool to the touch.
Algae is pretty heavy right now but i dont think it really matters. I went there last night and waded the water in front of the boat launch and caught a fat 18'' bow on the third cast with an all black leech. Not much surface activity so i think the key is big visible flies near the bottom.