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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Thomas Williams, May 16, 2012.

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    Hey everyone. Went out to pass lake yesterday. That was my fist time fishing there. Got there 7am, water was flat and pretty clear. Lots of obvious midge hatches going on. Fish were rising throughout the lake taking them from the surface. Took my pontoon instead of my fishcat in case the wind started up. Im glad I made that decision. started just slow trolling along the west edge with a small black wooly bugger with a white tail. Only had one hit but the fish didnt hold on to it. After about 3 hours and not much luck throwing several different leech patterns I watched a huge brown approach my fly and at the last second turn his nose to it. What a heart dropper. Had my blood pumping. Continued on along the far end where the weeds along the shore are. Hooked up with one that immediately tore off line and began a good run. I thought I had another brown on only to see that he was about a 14" rainbow that I had somehow foul hooked in the tail. After I saw it I quickly brought him to the net and released him . About 15 mins later hooked another larger rainbow which was again foul hooked. This one in the pectoral fin! Again released him as quickly as possible. The bite then turned off as a made my way up the east side so I switched to C-mids. Wasnt really sure what works at Pass so I threw 4 different patterns. Black/Red with white bead. Chocolate w/gold and blue and an attractor pattern with bright silver and red. Also threw a blood worm pattern. Didnt have any takes on C-mids at all yesterday. started to see rises back at the end of the lake where the grassy beds are and noticed a blue damsel fly land on my leg. Light Bulb! Tied one on and threw to the bank Bam! fisrt cast. Took a couple off drys for a bit and then the bite stopped again. Won out from combating the wind I called it a day. Traded stories with a guy at the launch. Told him about my foul hooked fish. He said its happened to him here as well and he thinks that the fish are batting the leach patterns with their tails. Maybe to stun it or test it im not sure. Made sense though. All in all a good day but I definitely worked hard for those fish. Real fighters too. I wish I could have keyed in on a Chironomid pattern the fish liked. But still a success in my eyes. Have a good week everyone!

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