Pass Lake Saturday

Went out to Pass Lake for my first time this Saturday and really enjoyed it. Growing up on South Whidbey I drove by Pass a lot but never fished it. It was my first real experience doing still water fly fishing and I think it was a success. I was using a few different Wooley Buggers at first (black, olive and purple) with no luck. I switched up to a White Bunny Leech my buddy made and trolled around for a while. I got a lot of hits and ended up bring three fish to the net! A baby 7"er, 16"er and a tough 17"er that really put up a fight. All were rainbows. The 17" actually hit and missed but I snagged his side so I'm guessing that's why he was fighting so hard.

There is a lot of Algae in the lake which I didn't expect so that is why I didn't stick with an Olive bugger long. But the white leech got a lot of attention and is what I will probably use next time I get out there.

Thomas Williams

Habitual Line Stepper
My first time fishing Pass I also foul hooked 2 rainbows while trolling leech patterns. After speaking with another angler at the boat launch and telling him about it. He said that it had happened to him as well. He told me he suspected that the fish were batting their tails at the pattern in an attempt to injure it.I dont know if rainbows do that or not but it was an interesting theory. Pass is the only place I have ever foul hooked a trout.
I only streamer fish up against the bank at Pass and I've done that more times then I can count. I foul hooked one of the biggest trout I've ever seen in that lake that eventually got off.
False hooking isn't new to me, I've done it plenty of times salmon fishing off the shore on Whidbey. Those flounder love to get under buzz bombs. But false hooking trout is entirely new, as is fly fishing in general.

Streamer fishing seems like the best option for me there too. It's nice to keep moving around and around until you find a pocket. Which for me was about 30 yards off the boat ramp.

Thomas Williams

Habitual Line Stepper
Fishing chironomids around the weed bed is very effective too. If you want a chance at a big brown throw large sculpin patterns with a fast retrieve to imitate a frantically fleeing fish. I had one real close but set the hook to early because I anticipated the bite.
Basically it generally refers to a floating line, strike indicator, and longish leaders. You use the strike indicator to hang your flies vertically at a specified depth. Very productive for chironomids, as is typically used, but can be employed to cover a vast array of other situations as well.
Gotcha! I'm still trying to get the terminology down here. Well i have all of the above so I will have to give it a try. I'm going back this Sunday so I'm excited to employ a little more knowledge to my fishing.

Thomas Williams

Habitual Line Stepper
Ken fishing chironomids in this manner is definitely killer. Use more than one. I like to use a chironomid with a soft hackle dropper about 12-18 inches below the first fly. This is a great tactic when the wind picks up and makes the water choppy. The flies will twitch up and down as the waves move the indicator.