Pass lake this weekend. W/ a couple pics

Went out saturday morning. It was very slow, for me at least. I only brought two fish to the boat and lost a few. The weekend prior i was catching fish every 3rd or 4th cast. Strange. Anyhow, went out tonight (sunday) as well and it was a little better. Only caught two but was getting alot more action.

****Edit my pics arent working for some reason****


dead in the water
I'm heading down to a-train to watch MNF with my grandma tomorrow and visit some friends. Perhaps I will throw the tube in the truck and give pass a try. Good thing I never bothered to fish there when I actually lived in anacortes. Ah well, I'm not much of a lake fisherman.

Scott Salzer

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I hit a total of four to the boat on Sunday, they were the smaller guys. Lost one larger and had other hits. Fished suring the day and didn't see any of the shore action from the baitfish chasers.

I went out again tonight after work. The algae is starting to subside and the lake is really clearing up. The fish were very agressive tonight. I was working a spot of shoreline roughly 150ft. long with baitfish flying out of the water from end to end and big fish swirling everywhere. I only fished for about an hour and brought one to the boat, lost 4 next to the boat, and missed about 6 strikes. Half way through i switched from this little sparkly leechy thing i was using, to a minnow pattern and the first cast a fish hit it so hard it ripped the line right out of my stripping hand. I was the only one on the lake, and it was absolutely flat calm and gorgeous out. It was rough guys, but someone had to do it ya know. I wish i could get my pics to work, i dont know what is going on there or else i would post some.
i'm going through pass lake withdrawls. haven't been doing my weekly trip. if anyone wants to do a morning trip over sometime this week (and will pitch in for gas) and lives somewhere nearby, we can load up in my truck and go
Fished pass Sunday am in the rain 3 fish to the boat biggest was a 20in bow. lots of action 5 fish on and tons of follow outs and near misses. I was stripping streamers from the beach to the boat. Was alone on the lake till about 11 then a guy in a blue tahoe parked right behind my truck and trailer and put his float tube in. Was a great day at pass saw tons of fish cruising the shallows good luck guys