Pass lake?

The last time I fished Pass Lake was November 19 and I haven't heard anything since then, so hopefully someone else will have some information.

When I fished it though, I caught three fish on a Zonker pattern while trolling. I never got any hits when I would cast out and retrieve my fly.

I started fishing from the point and went along the West shoreline from 3PM to 5PM.

Good luck and let us know how you do, I may try it next weekend myself.

I haven't been to Pass since last month so my info may not be very timely, but I picked up a few on muddler minnows last trip. Let me know what day you are going I may take a run up there also.
Well, the weather man says no real rain tomorrow so I am heading up to Pass in the morning. If anyone wants to come by, I'll be in the orange pontoon boat.
I was up there yesterday and tried all my usual places and usual bugs with no results. So before I left I though I might try something different, so I cruised over to the opposite side and tied on a bug I don't even know the name of. Some nymph type in green with a chrome wrap and flat wings like a prince and wham, pick up an 18" brown. Go figure. But it made the day.