Pass Lake

Ryan Francis

I fished Pass lake yesterday, 20+ fish in 4 hours between two of us, Chrinomids were hatching
off all over the place, most fish were 12-14 inches, couple were over 18 inches


B.O.H.I.C.A. bend over here it comes again
barbless said:
Noice. Bastidge. ;) I was working on leaky pipes all day...
Thanks for the report.


Wear a condom, you won't get leaky pipes :thumb:

Nice work at Pass Chronyking, were they all bows?

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew

Pass kicked my butt again yesterday. Where you the guys in the drift boat? I had a couple of touches, just didn't get them on the hook. Looked like there were quite a few of the most recent plants.

Nice job on your part.



Banned or Parked
It seemed to be a stocker show yesterday based on what I saw being caught. Yard and I were looking for some bigger fish, just not finding them. Just to get the skunk off, I put a smaller leech behind my streamer for a little while and hammered on a dozen or so stocker browns before going back to trophy hunting. I thought I hooked one that might have been a little bigger (still didn't feel huge), but it turned out to be two fish, one on each fly.
Lots of little ones active at surface but staying deep and hitting plenty of nicer fish at 10-12 ft. This one banged an olive/brn nymph stripped med-fast (Wed morning). Shelves are producing 1st 2 hrs of daylight + at dusk.

ck - were you there Friday as well? Saw 2 fellas in a green drift boat plus several guys in prams. I was the only one dumb enough to fish from a tube that day (warmer than last month but still tough on the toes).