Pass on Sunday

Interesting day on the water. Fished from six am till about four thirty before the boss decided she was tired. 11 total to the net, ldr'ed a few, and missed several. Never really got too dialed in. Best fishing the first few hours then spotty all day. Got fish trolling leeches, casting leeches, casting a orange and partridge, and assorted flies under the indi. Wish I could have fished out the evening with Ira but getting my fiance home at a decent hour on Sunday night is a small price to pay for her spending all day on the water. She missed several hits and managed to land her first fly caught fish. Of course Ira would probably try to blame that on a lack of a hook on her rod being to blame for all her missed strikes but he cannot be trusted to tell the truth with such matters....

Scott Salzer

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I got on the water about 0900. Ira was already heading for the far shore. I had one of my better days on Pass with (16) to the nest, a few LDR's and a couple of break offs. Most fish were around 16", with a few bigger ones to 18. I set up in 14' of water, and fished a red SJW and a black sno-cone dropper. They hit both offerings and tended to hit the SJR a bit more. H20 temp was 66.

Ira popped over to join me for a bit and he missed a couple of take downs. Nick, I heard you were out there but our paths didn't cross.

I had to point out that a spinning rod with a clear plastic bubble, trolling a fly was not acceptable on FF waters. The individual put up a bit of an argument but, when I mentioned the potential fine, they moved to the shore and packed up.

I good day to be out.

Scot, I had a feeling that was you in the white boat. Saw you hook up a couple times as I was rowing my fiance in for a bathroom break, but we spent most of our time at the far end. Glad you had a good day.

I noticed the guy with spinning rod. I was curious if that was legal just didn't have a copy of the regs with me. Thanks for speaking up.
If you are disabled the regs say you can use a spinning rod and a bobber with a fly. Otherwise it's a conventional fly line. Hey, don't Scott and Ira use a bobber and a fly?:D

Great report guys. I'm leaving today and plan on hitting it this evening. Chase some grouse tomorrow and then fish again on Wed. Hope to do as well as you guys did.

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew

I understand about that exception, but thanks for pointing it out.

We can it a " strike indicator"! Although, I prefer depth adjuster.

You have been know to visit the dark side.



Indi "Ira" Jones
Fun day altogether made more fun by hanging with Nick, Amy and briefly Scott. Nick learned the importance of measuring his depth in Ira's not feet and that a bead headed Ira is a great fly.

I missed a lot of takes early trying to set up another rod and fish at the same time, but started picking them up once I started focusing. Later around 3:30 the wind died down and the fish were crusing the surface out in deeper water looking for the big chironomid bombers. I fished a red squirrel leech and a bomber mid about a foot and two feet under the surface and when the fish move in around me I could almost always intercept them and produce a strike. That stayed hot for about an hour and then the lake just died for me.

I ended the day by going down and dirty FordFenders style with a full sink just off the launch area and I managed to hook three more fish. One was a tiny bow of 7", one I never saw and one was a decent brown that spit the hook before I could land it.

Speaking of tiny fish, I landed , with proof, the smallest fish I have ever taken out of Pass, a feisty 6 1/2" bow that really surprised me, in fact I landed a handful of fairly small fish on this trip. I was not aware that they even stocked the lake with fish that small. Because of this I did throw some vpfairly large baitfish patterns at dusk but other then some flashing looks, no hook ups.


Indi "Ira" Jones
My wife is working this weekend so no go for me this weekend. Next weekend I'm either there or I'm heading east. I'm leaning towards the rising sun.


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All this meeting and fishing in groups sounds pretty fun! I love a couple fisherman to flip crap to while I'm fishing. I've met a couple people from the site and fished with one on the west side (Paul) of washington and fished with another on the east side (BAKERITE) of Oregon! It was fun fishing with ol' bob but now might have to reach out some more to find some lake fisherman down here in S.W. Washington area. I thought about a trip to pass but what a hassle for me to do from Portland area unless I camped for a few days and I will be heading east next month to start my fall fly fishing and put away the salmon gear! Maybe If I read a few of you are going camping at pass this coming month I will try and make a trip up that way and try my luck! But I do plan on spending some 12 or 15 days over east (Oregon) in oct. which might be all I can do in that month as far as long trips!

Questions? Who's the best shit flipper? I would probably want to fish next to them!!! Hows the fishing in nov. is it still open? do they allow gas motors? I do have electric also! good ramp? would my drifter look like a huge ship next to all the tubes and toons? do they allow labs doing belly flops off the drifter going after channel markers? are high 5's and little hoots frowned on? smoking cigs like a chimney (I never drop butts in the water) spitting chew in the water? letting my lab cruise the middle of the lake looking for branches and leaves to retrieve? sometimes he just jumps in and takes a cruise to see things from the waters level! as you can tell I'm out for fun and it sounds like you guys have a lot of that!!!
tight lines!


Indi "Ira" Jones
Oh dear lord please, please come over. I would love to see the faces of some of the stodigity farts when a dog dare swim in their hallowed waters. Pass is a no motor including electric lake. I'm a chatter, but Nick is probably better at shit flipping, don't really know, because we generally support and laugh at each others efforts. Although there is a certain word written on the dust of 5 year olds window that MIT suggest otherwise.

If you really want a lake that fits your style and to shoot and give shit to, PM me and this up comming weekend you could make a venture North and fish with me and possibly a few other members. Warning though, the lake has Bass in it as well as 20+" bows.



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Speaking of flipping crap-
If any of you guys fish with Mark, make sure you explain the proper procedure for your portable urinal.
If he starts unscrewing the cap on the bottom, you might want to say something.
I guess he could of been marking his territory in my boat;)


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LMFAO i'm all red now paul! pee'ed right through the top and onto the bottom of the boat! then gave him my rod to try and the barb wasen't pinched (forgot - thought for sure I had) Paul if your into trolling for some chinook and silvers give me a shout! IRA i wont be fly fishing til oct. - to busy with gear rods and chinook and silvers. this is a friend from last trip - last weekend! #40 gear fishing! (fisher of all trades)
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