Pass Sunday Feb 12th 2012


Indi "Ira" Jones
Mark you can either take the mukilteo ferry or drive around Pass lake to make it to Lone. If you are in Everett it is much better to take the ferry if you want to fish Lone.


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Hit Pass today between 10:00 and 3:30. Weather started out windy and it seemed to change direction every few minutes. Settled down nicely in the afternoon.

End up with nine fish to hand as well as a handful of misses.
All my fish came from 16-18 feet of water. Fish were in nice shape and pretty active after hook up with several jumping multiple times. Seemed everytime I moved I hooked up then it would go dead. It really died off for me after 2:00 or so.

Best fly today was a red thread body, silver wire and white bead.
Also got fish on a snocone, brown with red butt and a micro brown San Juan worm. I didn't see one bug schuck or hatch all day but did see two fish rise. The few fish I pumped had lots of Daphnia, one bloodworm and one minnow or shiner.

Nice day on the water overall. Here are a couple pics from today.
Thanks for the report Stone. Sounds like a good time on the water. My son and I will be on the six thirty port Townsend boat. Thankfully I am finally feeling human again. We'll be in my aluminum pram. Anyone who turns out be sure to cruise on over and say hi.
For anyone coming up the island highway twenty is closed due to a fatality wreck just a mile or so before the pass. Told it could be a couple hours. Were gonna wait it out for now since we already paid for the damn ferry
Ha, wouldn't you know it, I thought it would be unfishable so I went to RSL where it was flat calm.
Drizzled a little, and only caught a few. I just don't know how to read the forecasts for that lake.
Was it in the range of 13-16 mph as they said?


Indi "Ira" Jones
Dude that sucks! I'm about to walk out the door of my mother in laws and drive the whole four minutes to the lake. Good luck and I'll see you later.
Great day on the water although my time was shortened due to sitting on the highway for three hours. Finally got on the water around noon I think. We didn't slay em by any means but we got some fish. Caught em on Leeches and micro buggers. Leeches casting/stripping and the micro buggers under indicator near the bottom. After the late start it was just nice to be on the water with good company. (The fatality this morning was sure a grim reminder to enjoy these times). My son managed to stick his first fish on an indicator which I thought was ultra cool. He also scored the biggest fish for our boat with a gorgeous 18" bow not long before we called it a day. Lots of fun with great company of my son, Ira nearby and Jeff ( great to meet you Jeff)


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sounds like a good day other than the wait.But sometimes it takes those kinds of things to remind us of the important things.Today it was spending the day with your son.So many parents dont take the time anymore!!


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Just saw the accident on the news.A trooper was trying to pull a guy over when he ran from the trooper.He hit a wall and was ejected and the chasing trooper ran him over!


Indi "Ira" Jones
Slow start in the morning. I was also stopped in the traffic about two blocks from the launch. I was able to pull my boat down a gap in the vegetation to start fishing and I then watched the traffic for the next two and a half hours while I landed five and missed a couple others. Each of those fished felt that much better thinking about the traffic and the issues others were having to deal with.

When the traffic cleared the fishing picked up and I ended up landing about ten more and missing six or more takes on four different patterns all between 15 to 18 feet under an indicator. The Echo Ion cast well but was a bit stiff while fighting fish.

Again nice to fish with Nick, his son and Jeff, it was also nice to meet Jay again.