Passed the FFF THCI Test today!!!

Steve Buckner

Mother Nature's Son
I was really excited today to take and pass the Federation of Fly Fishers Two Handed Certified Instructors test today! I had considered taking the test about a year ago but decided I would spend this past year fine tuning my casts. I'm very pleased to have one more certification out of the way and now I can start focusing on my Master's Cert. ptyd


Another Flyfisherman
Congratulations Steve!! You'll do fine on the Master' worries! Down goes another Guiness for ya! Way to go!! :beer2: :beer1: ptyd


So what does the FFF THCI test consist of? What does one have to do to pass it? Then What does one have to do to pass the Master cert?


Zen Piscator

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Right on Steve! From all accounts you seem like a very solid caster. I have been practicing with the spey rod and the amount of casts and things you need to do can get overwhelming, so far I have the felt hat and tweed clothing down, thats about it.

Bet ya 20 bucks I can still throw a double haul further than you, deal? :rofl:


Joe from PA
Awesome. Congrats Steve. Now I guess I need to pay you for that afternoon of great free instruction this past April on the OP! Joe
This is just the Overhead Portion

Overhead Cast (must be performed over water)

1. ____ Demonstrate 3-4 false casts at 70', with narrow loops forward and back.

2. ____ Demonstrate 3-4 false casts at 70', with narrow loops forward and back from off-shoulder /or opposite hand.

3. ____ Explain and demonstrate loop size. Start with wide loops followed by narrow loops in 3-4 false casts at 70'.

4. ____ Demonstrate a tailing loop on command. Explain how a tailing loop is formed.

5. ____ Demonstrate an Overhead Cast with a change of direction cast (30 degrees or greater).

6. ____ Demonstrate an Overhead Cast shooting line to 100'.

Ok After seeing what you have to do, Congrats.

What Line/rod setup did you use? What casts did you have the most difficult with?


Steve Buckner

Mother Nature's Son
Thanks for the kind words everybody!

Anyway, to answer Tall Fly Guys question, I used a Sage 9150 that I've owned for about 7 years and used a Rio 8/9 Mid-spey with tips to do the test(a type VI tip is required for a few of the casts). And as the link above describes, the test consists of overhead casts, roll casts, and the various spey casts. The head length of the mid-spey was long enough to do the set line length casts of 70 and 80 feet respectively, and the line shoots well to achieve the 100' casts that are required. A short headed line would be a poor choice given the restrictions of the test.

So what was the hardest part? Well, I'd say that becoming proficient casting off of my left side was because I'm right handed. I started teaching myself to cast off of my left side about 5 years ago. That said, the test does allow the caster to cast off-shoulder if they do not want to learn to cast using the non-dominant side. I've found that being able to cast off of either side of my body works well because I can give the muscles a bit of a break after a long day of fishing and would recommend that folks learn to cast off of either side.