Passed the FFF THCI Test today!!!

"I've found that being able to cast off of either side of my body works well because I can give the muscles a bit of a break after a long day of fishing and would recommend that folks learn to cast off of either side."

I couldn't agree more, not to mention there are situations that (almost) require you to use the 'non-dom' side. That said, it's interesting (for me) to see what casts I can/can NOT do worth a darn with 'left hand up.' :mad:

As an example: a snake roll river right ... RIP IT! Shift sides of the river ...bawling: bawling: bawling: River left and Steve Choate's 'single spiril' is a wiz ... other side of the river:confused: :beathead:


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COngrats Steve!

FYI to everyone- Steve is a solid instructor who taught me how to double haul and Spey cast a single hand rod. In fact he insisted that I learn the dbl haul first before we hit the water insisting otherwise I'd be too tired by the day's end.

He was probaby right because we fished hard all day.

Now I am finally using a two handed rod and I can attest to the need to learn ALL your basic casts. I had a day on the Skagit this spring that kicked my a$$- I was river right, and there was a strong upstream breeze. I consider myself an intermediate but proficient caster but trying do a off-hand or back-hand single spey or snap T made me realize that these casts were not yet in my arsenal. That large river made me feel very small.

Richard said:
I'd take him up on it just to check it out . . . :thumb:
So would I if there's money involved.:thumb: Until you 'under line' a 2-hander by one, you've NO idea just how far you can chuck a fly in an over-hand cast. And yes, timing being a bit touchie to get down, you can even 'double haul' with a spey rod.

All kidding aside, the shorter/lighter rods called 'switch rods' are specifically designed to be used as either a one or two handed rod.:ray1:

So there....:p ;)

Richard E

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fredaevans said:
So would I if there's money involved.:thumb: Until you 'under line' a 2-hander by one, you've NO idea just how far you can chuck a fly in an over-hand cast. So there....:p ;)
I'm thinking that to the extent Andy said he's still trying to learn the spey aspect and only has the felt hat and tweed coat down, Andy meant he could whup up on a Buckner in a single hand double haul event . . .

Andy is purportedly a fair hand at casting and seems to know his stuff, and I'd be up for checking it out . . . :)


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Steve -

A hearty congratulations brutha! It's not an easy test but very worthwhile and I am sure you earned it.

I felt the test itself was one of the most educational experiences I've had in Spey, not to mention the preparation.

Looking forward to hooking up for some Spey steel someday soon.



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Way to go Steve! You certainly deserve it.

Interestingly enough as you were testing I was nailing some singlehand snakerolls for the first time today - thanks to a good lesson from you in April on the OP. Even managed to hook a few fish despite having so much fun casting.

I've had these CD's burned for a while for you, just need to get them to you. I'll make it happen soon.

Hope to see you in September for a sea run cut trip.

congrats again.