Pearrygin Lake

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    May 18, 2004
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    Took the North Cascades Hwy and camped at Pearrygin Lake 9/14-15. This is a great destination for beginners. I borrowed a float tube for my new-to-flyfishing girlfriend and set her up with a 5wt floater and 2-fly (#10 Carrey Sp., #16 PT nymph) rig. Drifted along the far shore from the State campground Saturday night 5:30-8pm and c'n'r-ed a bunch of small (8-12") planter rainbows . ..I like to call 'em Government Trout. I always find that planters on the east side are much healthier and stronger than on the west side. Anyway, for everyone that is looking for a place to take a newbie . . .highly recommended.

    PS - half of the tent sites are now closed for end of the season maintenance. I was surprised that the park was as full as it was.