Swap Personal best trout fly swap

Chris, fly swaps are a great way for novice tyers to hone their skills. If your experience is like my first swap was, you'll notice a distinct improvement in your technique once you're able to tie ten or twelve flies that are nearly identical.

If you're confident that you can tie a serviceable version of your own 'personal best' pattern and would like to try your hand at a dozen or so, you're certainly welcome to join. What pattern do you have in mind?


I do really well on a CDC Elk Hair Caddis. :)

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
We've met my initial goal of 10 tyers. Here's who's on board.

Kent Lufkin - Miracle Caddis dry

Jason (rodeo11) - BH pheasant tail soft hackle

Stewart - Chartreuse foam post parachute Adams

Marc (sourdoughs) - Black ant

Mike Doughty - Flashback BH hare's ear

Christian Brewer - BH Prince nymph

Steve Mooney (Islander) - Camo Carey

Richard Olmstead - Flashabou soft hackle

steeli - Forward weighted crystal black blood leech

Chris (mozart) - CDC elk hair caddis​

Perhaps we can each review our calendars and see if there's a chance we can all have our flies tied and ready to swap before February 20?


Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
I guess my earlier post was less than clear. I was wondering if we could all be done tying and ready to swap BEFORE February 20?

For instance, could we meet a deadline of say, February 1 instead? If not, when?



David Dalan

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Somebody make sure to post pics. I would have loved to join this swap, but I'm up to my eyeballs in swaps as it is. And I have 4 doz to tie for another fellow by the end of the month.