Pattern Peta Sculpin


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Everytime questions come up regarding zonker strips and wool heads, I always say tie with Feathers, wet fur sucks for casting! Well, here's what I'm talking I'm talking about . I call it the Peta Sculpin because there's no fur... Yes I hope it pisses them off:beer2: You can cast this with a 3 weight... I tie them unweighted, often fishing on a floating line with a long leader and a couple of splits 3 inches up the leader. Amazing crippled action when fished up and across with erratic strips.

The wing is marabou tied in Aztec style. The head is closely wrapped saltwater grade olive grizzly neck trimmed on the bottom and a teeny bit on the side and top. Saddle is too soft and won't hold much shape so use neck... The really huge feathers you get on a dry fly neck you never use are amazing for this. You can go crazy and mix brown, olive, and whatever color feathers you want for a goofy mottled look.

Brad Niemeyer

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Nice. :thumb: I like the concept. I personally don't have a big problem with the weight of fur strips, but I see your point. Hackle heads/collars have fallen off the radar lately. It would be nice to have some streamers that sink well and cast well on a light rod. A 10" trout will slam a #8 streamer...more people would fish streamers if they were easier to cast.