Pillar Point access

Tacoma Red

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Does anyone know if there is public access to the northwestern part of Pillar Point and the Physt River estuary? Does Merrill Ring control that land entirely between Clallam Bay and the Pillar Point Rec Area north of WA-112 and do they permit/sell access?

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
There is a small county park there, on the protected beach just East of the point, where one might launch a small boat. I've fished for salmon out of there, but it was many years ago.
I've heard that Merrill Ring sells permits for fishing access on their property along the Pysht River.
You might be able to launch from the beach at the county park and paddle up the tidal reach of the river. Never tried it, myself, but have been thinking about it. They don't own the water, so I figure I can paddle up as far as I can go, just for a look see, as long as I don't beach my yak and get out. Might be fun to see if there are any searun cutthroat running up there in the Fall. I rarely get out that way with my kayak, though. I'd probably go fish outside the kelp beds for rockfish or salmon if I launched there.