Pimped Out Outlaw X5

shawn k

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If you are going to go to all that trouble putting together a setup like that. why not just buy a 12 to 14 ft john boat it will be alot more versatile.'


John or "LC"
Proud of it too for $5K. I think you could reproduce that for less with new boat and motor.

I think the advantages of the inflatable are stability and versatility. This is going to be more stable than any 12' aluminum jon, but it's a lot net smaller too. You could strip the Merc and drift on a river with the X5--cant do that on anything much above Class II with a small jon. You could also take this one in mild salt.

Still, for 5K you could buy a new Renegade/Rampage frameless and a pretty good jon boat for still water and have a lot of water covered. That's essentially what I have now for total under $4K including a 15 HP 4S Yami, 55# thrust motor that works on either, and a 12' glass trihull on a trailer with GPS and Raymarine sonar and lot of other stuff, plus the Renegade with a motor mount. And a friend with a big Whaler for big water;-)


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That guy has more money than sense if you ask me. Check out the camo'd out new Durango he has sitting there. Too funny man. Hell - to each their own. I bet that X5 is a damned rocket with that motor though!