Pink on the end of my line finally

Well after 9 trips of fishing for Pinks and getting resident Silvers or small Blackmouth Salmon instead, or three of those times getting nothing, I spent Saturday out at the well known Browns and Dash point areas. I finally hooked into some including landing one real strong fighter that ran circles around the kayak and I almost thaught the net would not be big enough for it. The net is 26" and it turned out to messure in the net 25" and the fish girth took the net as wide as the bottom would go. I seemed to get fish on my line pretty much none stop all the way till about low tide then it died for me, so I went home to pick up the new boat.

Sunday found me back out chasing Salmon again but this time in the new to me Striper Seaswirl and my new long handled Guide net I had picked up a month ago for use on the boat after loosing 2 nets on the last salt trip for me of the season, but i still had never ever used. Sunday Amie and myself did not get out to fish till 6:30 AM which ment the best fishing had passed since it was a sunny day without a cloud in the sky but it was a day to try out the boat and get used to it and the fishing was just icing. We hit some of the well known places such as hitting Browns and Dash again just trolling a couple flies behind the boat with a little casting into shore at times. Caught 2 small Shakers that while shaking the rod a little never really gave the rod any bend. Then it was time to try a beach area that not many fish and do not ask me were it was but a fast troll to that area put two more shakers to hand, both fish out much further from any shore then I would have thaught to really catch one that small. Finally getting to that spot, I had only fished once before last year, I finally, after trolling flies and some casting of flies all day got something of size. A nice 26" Coho slamed the 5" offering I had switched to from the shallow grass area in front of the same house I caught a fish just a little smaller then this one last year. That would turn out to be the last fish caught all day. A little while later we ended up towing a small craft that had run out of gas back to the boat ramp. I thaught that this might have given us some good carma so we hit two more fishing spots one that is hit heavy by the trolling crew and one that I rarely see anyone fish but I have taken many of fish from in years past but nothing more liked our flies and we marked few fish on the sounder and all the markings were deep. Of course you never even know if the fish on the sounder are jelly fish or Salmon anyways. We also saw no one hooking anything either at the trollers zone area and most of them gave up and called it a day or headed else where. We called it a day at around 6:30 PM having spent a good 12 hours in the sun and pulled the boat and cleaned her up to be ready for another day of fishing next weekend hitting a few spots in area 11.
Glad here finally you finally hooked up. :beer2: I saw you many times out there (Browns Point) in the Kayak and we spoke several times when you in at shore for a break.

The Coho seemed to be a resident fish based on the location it was caught from. It was unclipped but many or the resident fish in that area are unclipped since they do not bother to clip saltwater pen raised Coho in that area at this time. Either way I did release her to live and fight another day.