Pattern Pink Popper

That is really sexy! I may have to make some of those. I have some with the pink interior but never gave a thought to painting the head. That's why you're THE MAN.
Leland, Very sexy and cool looking. It's great to see this popper, since just last week on Tuesday I was in the shop and meet you. While we were talking you mentioned that you might sit at the the vice and see what you could come up with for a pink popper. Great job. Are the materials the same as your regular popper with just color change?


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Basically the same, although I like to use polar bear as a substitute for Icelandic Sheep because of it's translucency. This a relatively small popper, smaller than my searun poppers.


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You know Leland, Freud once said "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." And, then again, sometimes it isn't...

Just say'n.:thumb: