Pink recipes?

I'm anticipating a plethora of fresh pink salmon within a few weeks - what are some of your favorite things to make with it? I was thinking it might work well with my homemade gravlax (lox) recipe, or maybe for salmon chowder. Or pink tacos...
The banana leaf is the bowl. Basically it's a baked fish dish with heaps of Thai flavours (my understanding is that Thailand was peopled by the Khmer people, hence this Cambodian dish tasting 'Thai')

I've been looking for recipes that will cover the fish and happened upon Amok. It calls for a few hard to find things, but living so close to Rainier Ave. makes it all a heap easier.


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I made smoked pink Bahn Mi's for a poker party last run. Sate' some smoked pink in thai sweet chili dipping sauce and then garnish like your favorite Bahn Mi. I'm sure you could do it with fresh meat as well.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Ugh hate pinks. LOL. That being said. We never kept them much (and I lived on the Puyallup growing up). One thing that did turn out ok was taking fresh pinks, filleting and deskinning, cubing, and either breading or beer battering and frying. Some tarter sauce on the side (fresh of course). Not bad. We'd also smoke them since they were fatty. LOOOOWWWW heat or you'd have fat coming out everywhere.
Wow Paul that looks tasty! May have to have the Mrs do up some extra pickled veggies to give that a go.

My wife is Vietnamese so fish cake is a popular one too but takes a lot of fillets (she usually works with 6 pounds of fillets for one batch). Almost better to use a borderline chinook to make the whole process quicker (my filleting of pinks is not so great LOL).

I usually smoke 'em if they are more than a couple days old.
If they are fresh, I will fillet them, deskin them, put them in the little BBQ wire baskets to cook over campfire of alder wood.

Precooking I'll set fish in concentrated OJ for a little bit b4 putting in basket (maybe 10 minutes), then put on some olive oil (otherwise sticks), sprinkle a little kosher salt, a little garlic, and then lightly pour a little OJ over it while cooking if it looks like the outside is cooking to quick. Lemon juice works too, just don't let the fish sit in the juice very long before cooking.
Then serve it up with a little garlic french bread (with the big chunks of garlic) and some balsamic vinegar for dipping. Throw in a Blue Moon for beverage.