Pink Recon

I did no such bitching, I was merely calling him out for insulting the angling choices of a majority of the board members here. I catch and release in some fisheries, I bonk the hell out of them in others. But I think that calling the choice to catch and release "retarded" is downright ignorant, and insulting to the world of conservation-minded anglers.
Steve- likewise great meeting you out there. Was fun to finally get out and cast a fly rod (oops I mean cast a fly LOL) for a change after so many years not doing much of it at all. Flyfishing was a big deal to me when I was younger. Hope I can get out more often.

I'm kind of with the mindset of the guys C&R being the people I respect the most with flyfishing ('they' also seem to often be the group leaders spurring important projects like stream restoration, conservation practices, and protecting fisheries etc) but I bonk keepers if I get them these days so it ups the chances of getting more fishing time.

Suppose if I had all the time in the world, a chunk of money, no commitments to anyone, and wanted to fish in the northwest that I'd be concentrating on small stream dry fly fishing (C&R trout) and trying to mix in an occassional summer steelhead flyfishing excursion off the beaten path. Maybe something different like sea bass/black rockfish fly fishing out on the N coast or something. And I'd have a nice cigar or a pipe with good tobacco and a flask with some 20 year old Macallan topping it off to celebrate in between casts to let a pool or riffle (or me LOL) rest. Maybe have a once in awhile bigtime trip like Alaska rivers or Christamas Island bonefish flats fishing.
But that's not gonna happen personally, don't have any cigars, none of The Macallan, no toibacco pipe, and very little flyfishing gear left LOL. Doesn't fit where I'm at right now. It is fun to live vicariously thru others getting some of that done though so have really enjoyed going thru the posts and boards here on

All this said, I get it if some guys don't want to fish for pinks on a fly to eat or even catch.
Just like I get a guy spending the time to organize and go down to fish, see a crowd, then turn back and leave simply because fishing and crowd don't fit that person's mindset (even a crowd of one or two). Been there myself at a much younger age. Hope to get there again in older age LOL.

Good luck to everyone out there and Steve, let us know how that pink tastes. You took good care of it to keep that thing fresh! It should make for a great meal!


He called me an Elitist ?? LOL ..what a moron
Aw geez Ed, that means allot from a man of your stature but I'm no hero just a humble man set in his ways.
This is like the oxygen network. My wife would love the shitshow, the romance, and the bitching that has become WFF at times. Just go have fun guys. Seriously.
I couldn't agree with you more jcalderon!!!! i Thought this was a PINK RECON posting not a "lets bitch about everyone and everything." posting. All I want to know is where the pinks are. I was at Posession Point all weekend and I didn't see any pinks up there. Where did anyone else go and see. Shut up with the bitching like women and get to spilling the beans about where the pinks are.

Go Fish

Language, its a virus
It doesn't take much bait to troll
this thread.

I still like canned pinks.

I just hate the mobs of yahoos that litter
the beaches with their treble hooks,
doritos and fat children.

They hook a fish and let it set on the
beach for two hours before marking their punch card
(if they have one) and wonder why it tastes like

I still enjoy fishing the salt without the
crowds of dadaists in thongs.

Jeeze.... lighten up. Its just pinks


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Put in a long day out in the fractal-chop at DP from the low to the high tide. Didn't catch anything, didn't see anything caught from the pier, boats, etc - but heard reports of one fish caught from a fellow fly guy fishing from his kayak. Still feeling the waves lying on the couch. Probably still a handful of days away from the big ramp up....

Ed Call

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Saw a few gear rods bending deep tonight at the Point. Along the beach there were two guys into pinks as I walked up, both on buzzbombs. Four fly fishermen chatted it up while we cast. Orangeradish got into a little resident coho and a sea run cutthroat. Constructeur got into a bullhead. Mumbles got into a little resident coho, bullhead and sea run cutthroat. The fourth guy? I think Evan got skunked.


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HEY! WHOA! You all sound like a bunch of buzz bomb chuckers on the beach! Cool it.
I met some very cool buzz bomb chuckers out on the beach Sunday.. they gave me all sorts of info and weren't a bunch of whiny bitches on the interweb...

What did you expect? You came on and called the actions of 99.9% of the members on this board "retarded.". That is asking for flak, and I gladly dished said flak out.