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sent this morn
i ended up using epoxy on the heads
we are going to catch alot of fish fellas so durability is a factor
august 1st opens the commencement bay
cant freakin wait
lets do a fish to face thing
i can get a couple of small boats together
Got flies from Matt and Ed last evening. Great looking flies, guys. A sad note: Logan (PEI Fishfinder) has had to drop due to a death in the family. I'll send back his flies when I send yours to you. Can't wait to see the remaining patterns and we could do a meet, greet, and fish when the fish get in.
I sentim out yesterday. I couldn't make it to usps so I had to send itthrought an envelope. I just didn't want it to be late. If you choose to send it back through a package and all, then tell me re price and I'll send you the money for it.

And I'd like to get in on the fish and greet if you guys don't mind talking a teen with you. :)

I have flies from the following:

Ben Waldschmidt
Nate Slater
Sean K
Eric Tarcha
Ed Call
Eric Raymond
Matt Gulbranson
Logan - out
Steve (Islander)
Still waiting on a few more but what the hey? We aren't even to the deadline yet. I have confidence.
Finished, they will be in the mail by wednesday. They are a little bigger than I was wanting to tie, I tied these on a size 4. I have no expierance with pinks so hopefully they will catch some fish.
Just noticed the fly you tied. Nice! :thumb:
That will definitely catch pinks and then some...

Alright all, found a couple of photos of a sample I wanted to try out. Here is what it looks like. I finally sat down and tied some up. I hope they'll do, they look pretty flashy.
Nice Ed!

Those should work well in the salt, and the bead on the end would make it a good steelhead pattern too!

Arthur's flies arrived yesterday afternoon. Nice job, Arthur. We're waiting for a couple more and ten I'll return them. Looks like everything is going well. Thanks, guys.