Swap Pink Steelie Fly Swap


Trout have no politics
Pink Steelie flies. Thats it.


(1) Standards of swap etiquette
(2) NO Glow bugs... they are uncool and beads work better.
(3) NO magenta, we are going for that really sexy girly pink

Due: February 20, 2010

Ship to:

Sean Engman
P.O. Box 913
Davenport, WA 99122

1. seanengman- Kandi's Secret (Lot of fur and feathers and sparkle on a Waddington)
2. Mumbles- Sexy Intruder with little pink skirt Received
3. Richard Torres- Dingle Ball Special Received
4. Runejl- TBD Received
5. Kirk Singleton- Articulated Egg-Sucking Leach (Pink of course) Received
6. Ansas- Surprise Received
7. JMills81- Marabou Received
8. Whit- TBD Received
9. Sean Beauchamp- Marabou Intruder (beads are better) Received
10. NomDeTrout- Fluffy, leachy, pinky surprise Received
11. Calderon- Pink stringer
12. Chris Johnson- TBD Received

Swap Closed

Let the feathers fly!

Ed Call

Well-Known Member
In. Intruder, dark and mysterious with the right amount of come and HIT it pink. A shanker, articulated with stinger, maybe the stinger will even be wearing a sexy little dress.
Not so dark and mysterious unless I tie up two...but pink for sure.
I'll jump in on this. I have never done a swap before. Not sure what fly I want to tie. Cool if I wait and see what everyone else decides to Tie and then go from there?
i'm in, but im not sure which fly..... intruder, string leech, or the dirt nasty worm.

never done a swap before.

and does it need to be ALL pink? or can it use color combos including/mostly dominated by pink?