Pinkfest 2011

So far 13 people have responded with a "yes." I'll PM all of you but I have to go to school. One and a half days left and I'm free until the Monday after Pinkfest! Yesssssss!!!!! Glad to have all of you coming. It should be fun.
Hey Steve, chatted with you a few times about Brown's Point and fishing the pinks/coho's around there. I'm just getting back into fly fishing after taking about 15 years off to raise my girl. I'm finding that I really didn't know a hill o' beans about it before....just went out and threw flies around (all dry flies....ignorant). If there's a spot open I'd love to come and meet some of these folks that have already taught me much. I don't need to fish and can bring food of some kind....maybe smoke some meat or a side. If there's room great, if not I don't want to take a spot that someone else would deserve more. I'll hang out on our beach around the corner and listen for the party :)
Oh crap! This is number three. That's what I get for multi-tasking! There are 22 saying yes so far and I hope to have Les Johnson and wife Carol there as well. I'll send another notice when I get back from Mexico but if you are dying to see the location, go to Google Maps and type in this address: 8604 EAstside Dr NE, Tacoma. That's the neighbor's address but it puts you at the head of the driveway. If you follow it in, around to the right, the site is out on the bluff overlooking the water. Here's who has said yes so far:

Bob Jones, Jim Riggins, Nick Clayton, Roger Stephens, Leleand, Mumbles, Chris Johnson, Chris (topwater), Dylan D, Thomas Mitchell, PAul Dieter, Evan Burck, nb Ken, mr. bad example, Sean K, Jim Dougher, Swoff, Jeff Bandy, Salty Cutt, Yellow Lab, Denny (Richard), Phil217, Rob Ast, Jimmy (Dreanonafly).

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting all of you face to face but am looking forward to it. More later.