Pinkfest with a switch?

SF--can you comment on how well the cones in those baskets work versus say, zip ties in a homemade basket?

Or can anyone else who has used both?

I know that Jim or Roger or one of those other salty guys made a basket with corn cob holders as the cones, and that seemed like a good idea. Thought after the work, time, and money involved in putting that together, seems like the linekurv is just as economical.


You can buy the corn cob holders (they're big enough) at the Dollar store...for a buck. Step-stool basket for $5. Bungie cord for $3. Unicorn and Barbie stickers, priceless.


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I made my own basket out of a rubbermaid dish pan and used it for years.
Then I bought a now discontinued LL Bean basket. After using it, I'd never go back to the homemade basket. The cones work great.
The Linekurv is a knockoff of the Bean basket. If I didn't own the Bean basket I'd own the Linekurv. If the Linekurv wasn't available, then I'd buy the Orvis basket.
Slap a Hello Kitty sticker on it and start fishing.
I saw a number of people trying to fish without baskets yesterday. It just looked futile as far as line management goes.
Hope this helps.
Gary, I like that. never thought of it. I use strips of weed eater line or the round ties. I just made a basket real quick this time with the weed eater line but want to find a curve rubber maid and put those cones in it. mine is real ratty but it's ok for a bit till I find what I really want. mine is a rubber maid and I like them better. tight lines, now for the pinks to arrive.