Places to camp for spring break

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by Matt Hutch, Feb 21, 2010.

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    Hey guys,
    Me and a bunch of friends are looking for places to go for spring break and I figured maybe some people on here would have some suggestions or ideas. Our spring break is March 6-14 and we are definitely going to be driving somewhere. We would like to go somewhere that is warm (warmer than here at least). We were thinking somewhere in Idaho, Montana, Washington, or maybe California. We weren't sure if it would be warm enough to camp anywhere in Idaho, Montana, or Washington so right now we're considering going to California, probably around Yosemite, but I wonder if it will be any warmer over there. And a place that has some good fishing would be nice, too. Any ideas?

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    My buddies and I had the same itch when I was in school back in '01. After doing a little research, we found Yosemite that year was still under a substantial amount of snow and most of the northwest was a little cooler than we preferred. Our solution was to hike the Lost Coast in Humboldt County, CA. We didn't do any fishing, but there is some great looking water through the Kings Range and you get a glimpse of the Redwoods as well. The hike we did was all along the beach and the weather was beautiful. I definitely recommend it and itch to go back in a big way. It's unbelievably beautiful down there.

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