Poachers nailed at Lone Lake Today

Guys, thank you for a great thread! I appreciate guys like Darren & Jeff putting their well being on the line every day just doing their job...hats off to you guys! That being said, I am new to fly fishing, been practicing my casting for weeks now and ready to start trying to catch fish :)

I have been to a couple local fly fishing shops and both told me that Lone lake was hot right now, and would be a great first lake to fish on. I pulled out my trusty regs and did what anyone should do before they fish anywhere new...I read them! First off I noticed the 1 fish limit, and not under 18", the I saw that the lake was listed as special rules, so looked them up :) found out that the lake was no bait, artificial lures only (no prob for me as I am using flies ;) ) also found out that I need to be barbless, and use a knotless net as well. I am now well armed with what I need to know to be legal while fishing there, it's way easy... the problem with poachers is that they don't care about the rules, and don't care to learn them.

Being an immigrant to the country and "not speaking english" though used often as an excuse is honestly usually a big lie to begin with. For example, I reported crabbing poachers a few years ago in Mukilteo off the public dock, they were keeping females, and all sorts of undersized ones, and way more than the limit allowed for harvest. The pack was 10-12 asians of various ages, who were speaking ENGLISH very well to each other, right up until the WDFW officer that I called showed up, then all they could say was "no speak engrish..." "doan undersan"...etc etc etc . They were all in the process of getting fined as I left with my legal harvest, and a smile on my face :D

Sorry for the run on here, anyways Thanks guys for looking out for the fishieries that we all love :D Looking forward to fishing Lone lake next Sunday, sounds like a wonderful spot!


Will R. Everett, WA.
Might have to go do some surveillance with my pontoon and fly boxes tomorrow.
Don't want those fishes to worry nobody's watchin' out for them! :clown: