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    Jun 26, 2012
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    I posted a while back about polarized glasses. I tried out a pair of Guideline Cabo sunglasses with the amber lenses while I was in Alaska. Man, what a difference a nice(r) pair of polarized lenses makes! Visibility was great even in cloudy low light days. Anyway, I reviewed the ones I wore here: http://www.flygearreviews.com/guideline_cabo_polarized_sunglasses/ but now we're giving away a similar pair. If you're in need of a good pair of polarized lenses, sign up here http://www.flygearreviews.com/guideline-eyewear-cabo-sunglasses-giveaway/

    Speaking of which, I noticed that Guideline will do prescription sunglasses, what's everyone's opinion on that, is it worth it to avoid having to take your contacts out to go to sleep while in the woods/on the river?