Pontoon anchors

I'm getting my Scadden Renegade tomorrow, by fishing partner is getting an assault, we're both getting the strap on Scotty anchors for the bow. I make lead pyramid anchors for our jon boats, would a 6 pound pyramid anchor be enough for us while fishing lakes? I know some people use pieces of chain too, what's the advantage of that over a pyramid?

We always double anchor our jon boats, do you double anchor your pontoons, Assaults etc as well, especially when chironomid fishing? Keep in mind these are both frameless.

Ed Call

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Six is more than enough. Double really holds so you can bobber fish the chironomids. Fin kicking is another option if anchoring is not ideal.
I'm just trying to figure out where I'm going to put everything on this little boat, having no frame means it can get a bit challenging I guess, specially the bow anchor... ;)
I would suggest taking it out & using it a couple of times before buying all sorts of accessories. When I got my assault xx i was dreaming of upgraded oars, trolling motors, anchors, etc. But after using it with the stock set-up & with fins i already owned, I scratched all that stuff off my list. The boat worked great without spending a ton on upgrades. Just my $.02