Pontoon Boat Rentals?

Hey all,
Does anybody know if you can rent pontoon boats? And if so, where and how much?
I can't afford to buy one right now, but I'd sure like to access more steelie water.
Any help 'd be appreciated.
Check out the topic "floating the sky" on Aug 1. One of the last responses gives a rental address or phone or something if I remember correctly. Don't know if it's close to you or not. Good luck!

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Depends, where do you plan to fish? Also, how big of boat do you want? Multiperson? Only reason I'm asking, is I'm out of commision on the sticks for awhile. And would be willing to rent out my big 3-4 man cataraft. I can't use it, have a shoulder problem and can't run the sticks. :(

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Good Question.
Here's The tip from the Previous discussion.
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You can rent Outcast pontoon boats from Dana at Swiftwater in Fremont area of Seattle. His phone number is 206-547-3377, and he's usually closed on Wednesdays.

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