Pontoon Storage



Not pictured are two eye bolts I bungee the foot braces to. They keep the boat from spinning and keep it level. It'll stay pretty close to level without them depending on what I leave in the storage pockets or what I leave attached to the boat (net, fins, etc.).

Very Nice! The best setup i have seen for a framed raft and that is a great idea for the 'winch' . A '2 block' or a block and a 1/2 would decrease the pull weight somewhere between 25 and 40%....just an idea for us old guys with bad backs.

My son and I store our boats by putting one end of the pontoons on a wide shelf and use a eyebolt-rope-hook to hold up the other end. Works well with no moving parts. We put pieces of 1" foam under the pontoons where they contact the shelf so they don't create a crease.

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Sportsman, if you are an old guy with a bad back(or a middle aged guy that doesn't want a bad back) and hope to be fishing for several more decades I would completely opt out of the pulley system If I were you. I tried a couple of block and tackle units of different capacity and thought both were awkward and ineffective. The pulleys themselves take up too much vertical space and result in the boat hanging lower than you would like. I have 12' walls in my barn so it isn't as bad but when I had 8' walls in a garage it was a pain in the ass.

Plan ahead and buy a small battery powered winch that can mount directly to the ceiling or rafters. That way you can snug the boat up to the ceiling as close as possible. I think I only paid around $60 for mine that has a 1,000# rating. It came with a long control cable for up and down. It runs off of any 12v battery, in my case the little wheel chair battery for my trolling motor. Lifting or lowering the boat is as simple now as pushing a button.

You may not think the expenditure is worth it but trust me-not a single one of you guys is getting any younger. Buy it now and enjoy it the rest of your life. Just say no to those @%$!&**^@$$#! pulleys!

Ive, I hear you! Almost 63 and 4 1/2 years ago had major back surgery {mostly L 4-5} which is fairly typical. 10 years prior to that surgery, I was warned that if I don't give up the fun stuff a fusion was in my future....so I continued bow hunting, golf, razor clamming and crabbing around Grayland and Westport and of course fly fishing: rivers and lakes. I ended up with a surgery that was in my mind a "patch". No more severe pain, but all of my activities are something i did in another life, except for fishing, which is still painful and will probably lead to a 'fusion'. So just a words of advice to all the 40 somethings: you are not Superman anymore and one dumb move[ which is what I did] can ruin your life for the rest of your life! Ive, I posted pictures of the cradle and hand winch I use, had it laying around, { first page of this thread } so it was a cheap setup and I have open rafters in the garage so it was easy. I use pulleys[ lots of them] to bring all 4 ropes straight down to the winch....but I will take your advice and get an electric!! I have 4 AGM 14 amp batterys so power is not an issue. Thanks for the advice...Tight lines!