Port Ludlow Pram Plans??

I researched the forum posts in regards to finding plans for this pram. It seemed like there were going to be plans available from the original builder and designer. But I didn't find a place to order them.
Are there plans available?
How much?
This is a cool little boat and I would like to build it.

David Loy

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Jesse, I'd likely also buy some plans if you find them. Just guessing that whom ever has a workable plan set might not give them away, or would want reproducible remuneration.
Thanks for continuing the chase.
To David Loy "reproducible remuneration." That sounds like a great definition for counterfeit money. lol
I figured I would have to pay but I don't know if the plans were ever put into a format that was available.

David Loy

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I'd gladly xerox enough Franklins for the both of us but doubt that would work. Hopefully we find the right guy who knows the right guy that has something beyond markings on a story pole. In the foreseeable future I could clear out garage space and imagine building one or more of these as a retirement hobby. I'm a middling wood butcher and have the tools and clamps, but would be lost without decent plans. So I'd be happy to split any costs you might incur if you get lucky and find Mr. Right.


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I would be willing to supply renumeration for plans as well. All that I am lacking is more clamps and they are easy to come by.
Well folks I heard from Arnie who is the designer of this little beauty of a pram. Here is what the said in a PM to me.
Hi Jesse,
Yes, plans are available. I was working on publishing them on Gooogle but my wife wound-up in the hospital with a broken hip.
I will be happy to print out the 34 page insructions for anyone who will send me a check for 20 dollars to Arnold Koch P.O.Box 65374, Port Ludlow,WA 98365.
Thanks for your continued interest, Arnie Koch
Arnie, Today at 8:47 AM Report

I will be sending a money order to Arnie soon so I can get this in my plans to build for next spring fishing.
Thanks Arnie.

Jeff Dodd

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That was very nice of Arnie. Arnie, I hope your wife is back on her feet for the holidays.

I have used Ken McMillen's Ludlow boat at Wannacutt and they are a joy to fish out of.
he posted to me on the fly fishing forum that I bump up also. so there ya go guys. send him the money and get ta buildin. lets see some new PL boats and see what ya do to em.
I am still thinkin about it as I do have one that I design as a SoF paddle wheel pram at 8' to fish with. 54" wide at gunnel and 44 at chine. so will see, but yes I would like to build one, a very nice lookin pram.