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  1. I live in Olympia and am a 65 year old retired fellow who had a passionate love of fly fishing for sea-run cutthroat and salmon in South Puget Sound for many years. I have a desire to pass on my joy and knowledge of fishing in the saltchuck to the right younger person before it is too late. I do have some apprehension about showing my fishing locations to a stranger as solitude adds to my enjoyment of fishing these spots. As such, trust would be an important issue. A couple of other attributes of an individual would be: (1) a good/excellent caster able to throw a lot of line quickly or a strong desire to learn, (2) right handed caster(I am lefted handed so a righty makes a good casting combination in my boat), (3) mellow/humorous temperment.

    If you are interested, sent me an e-mail message(stephens@cco.com). Tell me about yourself(age, city, temperment, etc.) and fishing abilities/experience and desires. If there is a possible connection, we could meet for coffee or lunch and go from there.
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    i tried to email you twice, but it didn't work, so i am sending you a private message.