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    As winter fades into spring trout season opens up on many northwest streams.Usually the first month and a half of the season the water is cold,fast, and the trout are preferring sub surface flies.The possie bugger has been my go to fly during these early season conditions on every oregon stream ive fished for trout.I have caught fish with this pattern in every trout stream i fish in every season of the year.Steelhead eat this fly,bluegill,bass,carp,some people have even caught bonefish on it.My favorite use for it has been on a 2 fly rig under and indicator for resident coastal cutthroat but ive caught brookies and rainbows on it as well. it drives them nuts,and always out fishes the other fly on the rig.there are a few variations of this fly,everything on this one is standard except the body,i used tan uv ice dub for the body rather than aussie opossum.Adding rubber legs to this fly is also another good option.I have never been let down by this pattern and it will always be the #1 trout fly in my box for moving water,

    Here is a common sight when fishing this fly.
    a quality fish.



    Possie Bugger

    Hook: Daiichi 1710 size 12
    Bead: 1/8 gold
    thread: utc 70 black
    tail:Australian opossum with 2 strands of pearl flashabou on each side
    Body: tan uv ice dub
    Rib: pearl flashabou counter wrapped,brassie amber ultra wire wrapped forward
    hackle: partridge
    collar:black hareline dubbing