price of st croix legend elite rod

Hello. So i have a change to pick up a 9ft 5wt st croix legend elite fly rod with ART/IPC techonology for $260. is this a good deal for the rod? its brand new. Theres also a 9.5 ft 8wt for $235 thats brand new? is this a good price? i know there is a new model coming out. I really wish they had a 6 wt though.


Joe Streamer
I've owned Elites and IMO they are great casting at any price, and a real deal even at full retail. I recall they have (had?) a very lenient warranty policy that made buying used very risk-free. That may have changed, but if not, that's a real piece of value as well. If you can get one from that past few years with "Advanced Reinforcing Technology" (ART), that's even better. That's their name for the same 3M material Loomis and Hardy license to make their rods super tough and durable with less resin-to-graphite material. I have a Hardy with that stuff and it really makes a nice rod.


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I have never cast these rods, but they retail for $440 and $470, so purely based on price it seems like a good deal to me.