Swap proven SRC swap

Pardon my absence everyone, eastcoast family business called.
Our wise swapmeister has titled this swap "proven SRC swap." So within that parameter I'm going to reach way back in time to a fly that's been catching SRC and other trout since 1883. A west coast variant of the midwest's fly designer Charles McGinty, the "McGinty Soft Hackle (spider)." I've had good success in our areas rivers and coastline with this pattern. You'll want to tie a few and have them in your flybox. If you do, they will likely be the most proven fly you'll own/fish.
Sorry apparently the adressiphication is hurting me as well- to much work...

8 deadly SRC flys it is, but i wont turn town an extra one if you want to include it :)

address coming in a pm.

Thanks for the ties!