WFF PSFC event - Burkheimer demo - free food/beer, 11/9

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    Adding this on behalf of Puget Sound Fly Co., as they're having posting issues.

    PSFC Event News: Burkheimer Demo Day with Garry Sandstrom and Charles St. Pierre

    Feel Free to come by the shop on Saturday, November 9th for a Burkheimer Demo Day!

    C.F. Burkheimer has more than 25 years in single hand and two-hand rod-building. Burkheimer is a local NW company based in Washougal, WA and they have designed their business to be nimble and flexible, allowing them to build exceptional-quality rods on what they call a 'one at a time, one of a kind' basis.

    Kerry Burkheimer prides his manufacturing process through the use of custom made, hand-sanded blanks which ensure better intended action and strength. Further, their cork handles are hand finished from the finest grades of cork that money can buy.

    Burkheimer offers a broad selection of standard rod models and builds and create rods from scratch.

    The only way to understand the attention to detail and the quality of build of a Burkheimer is to cast a Burkheimer - come on by the shop to see!

    Date and Times:

    Saturday, November 9th - 10am to 2pm

    Cost: Free!

    Food: Free!

    Beer: Free!

    Puget Sound Fly Co.
    6001 Tacoma Mall Blvd. B2
    Tacoma, WA 98409