Pt D. Claybanks report.

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    The doomy gloom
    Fished right around the slack and an hour or so after on the ebb. no jumpers, but caught 2 residents on a pink fox tail over white bucktail clouser. They were hitting maybe 15 feet off the shore. there was comorant diving and moving progressivly down the beach. when i decided to follow it, casting 30 ft infront, i caught my second fish. must have been after the same baitfish the resies were feeding on. might have been just plain lucky...

    anyways, there's fish to be had out that way.

    My buddies chucking buzzbombs got skunked. unfortunate they didnt have any luck, but i think i will have no contest in saying its always nice when they fly rod out fishes a bait caster.

    tight lines.

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