Puerto Vallarta Guide Recommendation Mid-February


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Anyone have any experience with PV in the winter? I'm going to be there for a wedding and figure I'd better book a guide now. Hoping for rooster fish though I don't know if my timing is right.
I have been to PV numerous times during the winter season. I have been able to go on two different trips. The first was the typical 6 dudes on a boat trolling around and alternating fish. I got lucky and landed a huge Rooster! All the other guys didn't realize they were just catching the bait! Haha. The second trip I did was with http://www.puertovallartafish.com It was the end of November. Their site says they do fly fishing trips which is a rarity in PV. I explained via email that we wanted to target roosters, jacks and dorado. Hey no problem they said! My buddy and I get to the marina and are told they only remembered to grab one fly rod and only had a few flies. So already we are not off to a great start. Then we are told that the dorado are outside the bay right now and are too far to get to. So off we go. He takes us to an island and we fish a rip off to one side and catch a bunch of small jacks. I tell him we would like to target something larger. He says we will need to troll if we want to catch something larger. So we trolled for a few hours and landed a nice rooster and a small tuna and a couple pompano I believe. Then we headed back towards the marina and looked for birds dive bombing the water. Birds means bait and bait means Jacks. The schools of jacks were huge and they were 20-35lb. It was easy to get into casting range and this fish would chase anything put in front of them. Sadly the fly selection provided was not able to get it done. It was so frustrating to be right there in the thick of it and watch hundreds of Jacks refuse my fly. Meanwhile my buddy is throwing gear and yarding in huge jacks until his arms gave out. I was determined to catch something on a fly rod and refused to switch over to the dark side. So at the end of the day we brought a lot of fish to the boat and had a lot of fun but my expectations were not met at all. So whatever you do, asks a lot of questions up front but be ready for the old Mexico bait and switch! Knowing what I know now, I would ask what species are in the bay. Then find out if they are capable of targeting them with fly gear. If all else fails rent a panga off the beach and go after the huge schools of Jacks. And bring your own flies!
I know the Master Baiters Sport Fishing and Tackleshop is in PVO!! One of my first pictures of my wife is standing out in front of that place!!
Long story....