Puget Sound Chinook Harvest Reform

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    Just got this email from the folks at the wild fish conservancy the other day. Would be a good opportunity for those of us who live in the Puget Sound area to show our support for wild fish and more sound management.

    Action Alert

    Show Your Support for Harvest Reform

    On July 10th at the Seattle Federal Courthouse at 9:00 AM the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments regarding the 2006 Puget Sound Comprehensive Chinook Management Plan.

    Your presence at this hearing will show the court, and the opposing parties, that the public cares deeply about the need for harvest reform. For information regarding this case see The Continuing Saga of Puget Sound Chinook Harvest or contact Wild Fish Conservancy at [email protected] or 425-788-1167 . Additional information can be found on the Wild Fish Conservancy web site at www.wildfishconservancy.org.

    The Seattle Federal Courthouse is located at 1010 Fifth Avenue, 7th Floor, Seattle, Washington.

    More info at http://ospreysteelheadnews.blogspot.com/ as well