Purdy area?

Saw a boat with 2 guys flyfishing about 12pm in the Purdy bay area, what are they fishing for? Too early for chums and didn't witness any kings, if so they would be dark?


My guess is searuns, Purdy is a pretty well known spot for them, could be some silvers in the area to. Maybe sculpin? ;)
There are silvers in that neck of the woods sometimes, but I don't know whether they're there right now or not. My guess is SRC too. That's a good spot.


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Purdy just kind of shut down this week. Silvers were in, but now are gone. I suspect that the rain pushed them in. Commercial fishermen are lining up in select places in the S Sound to drop there nets on Oct 15th, then it is over.


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Back in middle school I began catching silvers towards the end of july in henderson bay. Just got of the school bus and onto the duroboat. Good Times! I would say silvers for sure.


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Was there yesterday about 1030 and fished for about 90 minutes. Caught a flounder!

One other person chucking gear from the bank. Took a slow boat ride around and didn't see much.

I fished the entrance to GH (hit Purdy on the way to the house) and did much better.
there are silvers headed for burley creek. there also is a decent run of cutts out there about this time of year.

the gear fishermen show up with buzz bombs and try to snag the kings and dont usually quit till the chum run ends.


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Burley has a small run of silvers, but any one heard of Minter? Thats where the bulk of the silvers you see are going.
Was at Minter the other day to just scout around due to it being closed til Nov 1st for Salmon, but open now for trout. I was wearing my hunter green Simms fleece coat and green Waterworks hat. There was one gear chucker there in a distance holding a 10lb salmon and his spinning rig. I said in a loud friendly tone of voice, "What you fishin' for?" he said "silvers" and then said "I thought this river was closed til Nov 1st?" He said nope, Oct 1st. Then for some reason he left promptly.

Glad that poacher scum left, I should of acted like a game warden and said "That fish is worth a 1,000 dollar fine! I would advise you to leave now, without the fish!"
He gave me the look like I was a smart-butt game warden asking simple questions and looked like he was waiting for me to give him a ticket due to what I was wearing. Funny stuff, I'm sure he left with crap in his pants...
I saw a fish poached in another estuary out that way this weekend. There were also fresh fish entrails upstream, clearly from someone cleaning fish on shore. If there was more enforcement, there could be a bunch of tickets written every day at some of these spots.


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confronting idiots is tempting to all of us, kind of makes my blood boil and i do feel some relief after the yelling. i have gotten over that, however. my cell phone has the game enforcement number in my address book and that along with a small note pad and pen when cell service is sketchy or nonexistant.

yep, there would be more enforcement save for the cutting of tax supported programs. simple cause and effect.