SBS Purple Haze Parachute SBS


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Don't understand the fish's fascination with purple flies (any icthyologists to explain a trout's visual acuity/spectral sensitivity?), but it seems to work. Here's one take on Andy Carlson's pattern.

hook - Dai Riki 320 #16
thread - Uni 8/0 purple
Tail - hackle fibers cree
body - biot purple
wing - Congo Hair white
thorax - dubbing purple

note - using a #16 here because the only purple biots I had were from a duck; shorter than goose or turkey so I went with the smaller hook. Depending on what body material is used, I've tied these up to #12's; consider this a flatwater edition.

Mash down barb, start thread at 70% mark and create thread bump

pull off a bunch of hackle fibers, even tips and measure; lay the fibers on top of the hook to mark for length (for duns, I usually use shank length)

refer to Rusty Spinner SBS for tail tie-in instructions

tie in moistened biot notch side down for segmented body (notch up if you want it smooth)

wrap biot forward to 70% spot and tie off

tie in Congo Hair on top of hook shank (2 wraps is fine)

grab Congo Hair, pull up, create a post with thread wraps; brush post with a little Sally

prep hackle (upsize hackle by one - for a #16 fly, use a #14 hackle); grizzly or grizzly/brown would be fine, too. I just happened to have an older Charlie Collins cree with a few feathers this size

tie hackle to post with shiny side out

apply a bit of dubbing

and dub thorax

wrap hackle, starting at the top of the post

and continue wrapping down the post (6 wraps on a #16 fly should be good); leave tip of hackle in pliers, hanging down

take the bobbin, hold out so thread is horizontal/perpendicular to wing post

circle under hackle, around post, trap hackle tip with 2 wraps against post (I find it holds better than tying it with vertical wraps against the dubbed thorax)

tie thread off at head with double half/hitch x 2, trim hackle and one more brush with Sally

trim wing to length (I like shank length as measure) and you're done

I also tie in with Super Floss body and moose body hair tail for rougher water (all other steps are pretty much the same); a bit of a bulkier look but it works well, too

I love the original and Scott's cool variations. MFC is selling a variation called the Purple Craze. It has a thorax dubbed with something like purple ice dub.


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ive tied them with dark purple, light purple, ice dub purple. i plan on tryin out a purple biot body klinkhammer style parachute next year.