Queets report?

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    I cannot agree with this statement. There are very few legitimate guiding operations on the Queets. Last year the rangers did a great job of ticketing the illegal guiding on that river.

    With that said, sopflyfisher, why do guides ruin the river? Is it crowding? If that is the case, I have never been on that river and seen run after run filled with "guides."

    As for the "highly cool clique", what does that mean?

    Have I seen the river "busy" if you mean 10 boats being busy, yes. I have seen lenty of friendly gear and fly fisherman working together to have a good day.

    The Queets' only downsides are it's positive aspects in my opinion. Clarity that scares most off the water. Access as there are only a few put in points and the shuttle is very llllllooooonnnnnggggg. These coupled with the fact that there aren't 5 other rivers to choose from in a 20 minute drive, makes for less crowding and better fishing.
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    Every now and again I look at my posts and think I must have surpassed my allotted number of adult beverages. It's good to see I'm not the only one to have a little poster's remorse, regardless of the cause.

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