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Someone is sending me a Rainshadow blank. The model # is RXF905-4, so its a 4-pc 5 wt. Can anyone tell me more about this rod. Where was it made, is it one of their better blanks, etc. :dunno


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hey might want to post in the rod building section cause you will probably get more answers then over here in this section???

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Hi - The RXF905-4 is from the Rainshadow 51 mil modulus graphite line. Rainshadow is in the process of changing over their lineup - but to date the blank you are talking about has been their high end line. Your model should be US made, but Rainshadow is moving production of that line overseas. (FYI: They are now introducing a new line of US made blanks).
My husband Ron recently built the same blank - he loves it & says its a powerful, fast rod.

Have fun building it, it should be a ton of fun to fish!


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Damn man, someone likes you. I wish somebody would send me one...
Try garnet wraps with silver trim...woven graphite reel seat...or cocobolo...single foot SIC guides...

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This is the first I have seen of this rumor. The Forecast line is already made offshore. To the best of my understand the Rainshadow line is staying in production in Sequim.


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both...but mostly I do the incorrect grammar to irritate ol lawless ;)

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It's true...the current Rainshadow lineup is moving to the same overseas production facility as their Forecast lineup. The Sequim factory has closed.
However - Rainshadow is now offering a brand-new US made lineup from a different US factory, to compliment their existing Forecast & Rainshadow lines (which will now be made overseas). The new lines are the RX7 and RX8 models. They just became available yesterday.

KP - I'm sure that your blank is the US made flavor - I just spoke with Batson Enterprises (Rainshadow). They are still shipping inventory from the Sequim factory & have not transitioned to the import inventories.