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Last year I met my long time fishing buddy from back in NY on Rock Creek for our first Montana trout fishing trip. We fished the creek, Blackfoot, Bitterroot, and Clark Fork. Fishing was slow to say the least though we did catch fish and had a wonderful trip. For our trip this year he is jazzed about fishing Labor Day week in the Lamar River Valley in Yellowstone NP. That will be a long haul for me to drag my travel trailer but he really wants to fish Yellowstone NP, particularly the Lamar drainage. Neither of us has been to the park before.

Before I commit to hauling my trailer that far I want to make sure that the logistics make sense. Looking at the RV sites around Gardiner, MT or within the NP it seems to me that the drive each day over to the Lamar drainage is too far to be convenient. From the park's web site I've looked at Tower Falls, Slough Creek, and Pebble Creek campgrounds, which are in the middle of the area we want to fish. It seems that there are sites at these campgrounds that will accommodate my 24' trailer. Also, sounds like campsites get snatched up pretty quickly and you can't make reservations at these campgrounds. I'm concerned about getting over there and there not being any suitable sites available.

My questions are two fold; anyone have experience fishing that drainage in early September and can I be relatively sure of finding a campsite when I get over there? Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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I would recommend calling the nearest ranger station for advice. They are very helpful. Personally I would expect the best campsites to be tough to get. There will likely be a lot of fisherman around that week.


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Steve - I've tent camped at Tower and I don't recall any sites that would accommodate a 24' trailer. If there are, there's maybe one. It's a very small place with tight turns and lots of trees.

Slough Creek has small, almost informal sites, but should be no problem for anyone who can back up a trailer. After Labor Day, the crowds in the park thin out drastically. September is usually fine weather, though nothing is guaranteed.