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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by later_Peter, Jan 29, 2014.

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    first off, I'm in Central Oregon & I hope answers will be applicable...
    Anyone participate?
    Personal experience?
    Volunteers needed?
    Contact information for local Healing Waters?
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    Hey Peter,
    I am assuming you're referring to Project Healing Waters.

    Yes, a number of us participate around here. I'm still wondering if Jason ever cleaned up his vehicle?

    It's an amazing organization and what they do is incredible. We had a phenomenal experience at the Yakima Two Fly event. We will definitely participate again next year if they'll have us...Ha!

    There is always need for volunteers...some areas and events more than others from what I understand.

    Here's a link to the central Oregon PHW.

    Pretty amazing group of people involved in this one. Wow!
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    Yes, anyone can participate. Depending on the program you go into and what you want to do with the program dictates what you can/can't do. Some programs are on bases or secured VA's. You have to get clearance and a base pass/ID to get on (unless you're in the military in some sort or are retired military with full base/VA access). Mostly we use people who teach tying at our programs. But we do trips that require people there who help with boats, teaching flycasting, and over streamside knowledge. Yet, again, most of our volunteers needed come through teaching flytying to soldiers in our WTB's or veterans in our VA's.

    I'm a volunteer who was here during the switchover to Project Healing Waters here in the NW (We were a Red Cross group originally who helped in the OTC on Madigan and in the Seattle VA). I've had quite a few soldiers/veterans come and go. I've kept in contact with quite a few. I can't even begin to give you my experience without typing out a novel. I'll just say it's very rewarding. BUT, you get out of it what you put into it.

    We can always use volunteers. Again, it depends on what your set of skillset is and what the program you're near needs.

    That would be your contact in that area. BUT, if you get no response, let me know. I'm friends with the Regional Coordinator for the NW Region, and can get you in touch with him directly.

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