Quick Backpack Trip to #834

Ed Call

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With the parent teacher conferences at school offered late Wednesday and all day Thursday and Friday there was a break in the school schedule. I took Thursday and Friday off and planned a quick assault backpacking trip of trail #834. We have a busy family schedule Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, so it was a quick hike out, overnight, and back in so we could get the Mrs. to her afternoon commitment.

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It was already cool upon arriving at the trailhead at about 3pm. We had plans to see how things went with an option to camp at the 1.5, 2.2 or 3.4 mile mark. I doubted we could make it all the way to the trail meeting the washed out bridge about 4.2 miles away, but one never knows.

Packs were light for most of the four travelers. 5#, 5#, 15# and 45#, yes this is way too much crap for a family of four on a quick assault trip. I got to carry most of it. We blew past the first camp area and did not even pause. We found some really cool musrhooms on the way out.

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At the second camp area, the trail was right on the river and it widened up to a very nice area and the girls asked if we could stay here. It only took us about an hour to get there and the adults wanted to go further, but this trip was their first with a pack with some gear. I dropped my pack and told them if this is where they wanted to stay it was fine. I set up our shelter for the night.

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I cooked up some dinner, set up the high line for the animal resistant canister and we all got ready for the night. There was a lot of reading, thanks to the best birthday gift ever, my gift of a kindle to the Mrs. You can see that we did not miss story time, even away from home.

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I figured that if I did not get to fish an evening hatch, due to time constraints, that my rod would never leave the tube and the fly box, rod and lanyard was all excess weight. With the depth of the ravine of this drainage, it got dark fairly quick, hands and noses were cold and I put the thought of fishing out of my head. The next morning after pumping our empty water bottles full again and making breakfast, the girls wanted to explore with me and let me fish. The Mrs. read a bit and packed up some of our camp. We only had about 90 minutes on our timetable to fish/explore/pack. We found some good looking water.

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It was pretty cool, and there were no fish for the brief outing. On the hike out the cheery chicks were awesome, even with the rain starting to come down pretty steady. They found a lot more mushrooms of interest on the way out.

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Awesome fast forest adventure with the most amazing traveling companions. The gear is all soaked, and I'll take care of it all. They already are asking where we are going next weekend.


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Sounds like a great first backpacking trip Ed! Very smart to start them off in the fall, not the summer, so that they aren't spoiled by warm dry weather, LOL. Before you know it, you'll have them winter camping in an igloo or snow cave....

Ed Call

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It was great. The Mrs and elder are off at their obligation. I just put the younger to bed. I also have all the wet gear either washed/dried or hanging. All the backpacking kitchen is washed and dried. All the food is reloaded into the bear canister and we are ready for the next outing. Maybe Santa will bring the chicklets some cool kids backpacks that acually have waist belts and good backpacking design. They already have high quality sleeping pads and mummy bags. Next weekend we are free from about 4pm Saturday...I'm feeling another quick trip.
Great report Ed! I look forward to taking out the little one on a backpacking trip when he's big enough. Nice pics of the shrooms too. I love the fungi, and am always on the lookout for something tasty to eat. Sounds like many more adventures are in the cards for your clan!
There was a lot of reading, thanks to the best birthday gift ever, my gift of a kindle to the Mrs.
Sounds like an awesome trip. Speaking of the Kindle gift...I gave one to my wife too, last Christmas. She still says its the best gift I've ever given her in 20 years...funniest part is and, being an avid reader, she didn't even know what a Kindle was.
Great report Ed!! The stuff of precious lifetime memories...for all of you.

However, I hope you wern't tempted to try the 'shrooms...With the exception of the corals, those looked more than a little funkey...

Ed Call

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No mushroom eating. In the midwest I used to pick a few types that we would eat. Unsure of the types out here so it was all find and photo for us.

Thanks for all the great comments. I appreciate them and the girls! Gary, their old man hooked them up with pint sized packs just like mom and dad carry. They arrived a few days ago. I'm excited to fill them up!